Manufacturer’s of the World’s largest 4K TV, C Seed, are soon to launch their revolutionary 262″ 4K TV.

The TV will be the largest in the world and includes six integrated high-end speakers to add quality sound.

A  customised fabric cover hides the TV when it is not in use and, and folds away at the touch of a button to reveal the giant TV when you are ready to start watching.

C Seed 4K TV

  • screen surface: 6144 mm x 2574 mm
  • total TV size: 6144 mm x 2724mm
  • resolution : 4096 x 1716 pixels
  • screen weight: 800 kg
  • on-board sound: 6 high end speakers

Our Director, James Major, says “this is a really exciting addition in the world of home cinema and media rooms, the constant advancement in technology offers us increasing opportunities to create incredible installations for our clients.”

Outdoor TV

C Seed also specialise in the manufacture of outdoor TVs. The C SEED 201 (a 201″ TV) rises on a column from a hidden underground enclosure, the seven massive LED panels then unfold and interlock to form a screen in ultra-high resolution. By using more than 780,000 LEDs the screen is ten times brighter than a usual TV display, thus enabling viewing in any daylight environment, including direct sunlight.

Outdoor TV

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