What size TV?

When planning the installation of new home technologies there are a few questions and sometimes big decisions to be made. Our client came across one such dilemma recently when trying to choose what size TV was best for them.

The case at hand

Our client came to us to help them with the installation of a TV in their soon to be renovated living room. A new fireplace is to be the main feature in the room. It is above this fireplace that the TV is to be positioned. As part of the installation, all media devices (blu-ray player and Sky Box) are to be hidden out of sight. They also wanted a new lighting design and control system installed.

55″ or 65″ TV

One of the big questions was what size TV to go for, a 55″ or 65″.  Our client was struggling to decide. As part of our design service we created the below drawings to show them what each option would look like.  It was subsequently decided that as the 55″ was almost the same size as the fire it wouldn’t look right and that the 65″ was the right option for them.

TV size design

TV Positioning

Ensuring the TV positioning was at the right height and distance for comfortable viewing was an important part of the design. The below drawing shows the viewing position for this installation and helped to give the client confidence that they had made the right decision.Viewing Angle

Plan your installation 

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