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Superfast Wi-Fi, instant access to online content, plus simple control of the technology in your home are becoming an essential to modern day living. Circle Automation are experts in smart home installation and will guide you through the process of creating a smart home.  With the use of our packages, we have taken away the complicated decisions and uncertainty of cost. Find out more about the services we offer here.

Using a Savant whole home control system, our skilled and professionally accredited smart home installers will create a system to give you the freedom to control and enjoy your smart home.

Our services include Wi-Fi, multi-room audio, 4K TV distribution, smart phone control, home automation including lighting and blinds and home cinema. All of this with the peace of mind from our support team who are there to assist you with your smart home for years to come.


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Like any electrical installation, for a Smart Home Installation to work it needs cables.  At Circle Automation we have a team of electricians and electrical designers.  As a result we have the expertise to carry out your smart home installation throughout every stage of the project.  Find out more about our Cabling Packages.

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If you are looking for a smart home installer, Circle Automation are a great choice. With our showroom based in Sevenoaks, Kent and further show facilities in Kent and Essex, we are ideally located to cover smart home installations across London and the South East.  If you would like to arrange to see a Smart Home Installation in action please call us on 01732 458748 to arrange an appointment.

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What is a Smart Home

The term ‘Smart Home’ is one of the new buzz words. But you can be forgiven for not knowing exactly what this means and what can be achieved from a smart home installation.

Put very simply, a Smart Home is a house that incorporates an advanced home automation system to provide monitoring and control over the building’s functions.

Consumer Products

With the surge of products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home to the market, it is no wonder that ‘Smart Home’ has become the latest buzz word. These devices are known as smart speakers. They perform tasks such as playing music, controlling lights, thermostats and switches.  This is achieved with compatible home automation systems like Philips Hue, Nest and Wemo. These products don’t require a specialist smart home installer and you should be able to set them up yourself.  There’s no doubt that these products are wonderful inventions and can help to add to the ease of day-to-day living. Furthermore, they have helped to accelerate and challenge the industry to new levels.  However a smart home can go so much further than what they have to offer.

What can be achieved from a Smart Home Installation

A fully  integrated Smart Home goes well beyond the capability of the above devices. For example you can control lighting, temperature, multi-media devices (TV, Sky, Blu-Ray, Roku, Apple TV, Games Consoles, etc.), security and surveillance systems, window and door operations, blinds, audio systems, to name only the most common areas of functionality.

Using one remote and an app on your smart device you can control all of these integrated elements. You can even have control when you are away from home. If for example you were staying out later than planned, simply enter the app and turn a few lights on, pop the TV on for the dog and lower the blinds, all in seconds and from anywhere in the world.

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Home Automation

What makes a home truly smart however is programming functions that happen automatically. So that you don’t even have to think about them for them to happen. For example, if you have a south facing room that heats up on a sunny day, a temperature sensor can activate the lowering of the blinds when a certain temperature is reached to stop any more sunlight from entering, keeping things cool for when you return home.

Home Security

Security is another great feature of a smart home. Alarm systems are essential, but they only alert you to forced entry. A Smart Home system can send you an alert when it detects someone enter the property (through a door being opened, the alarm being deactivated, lights being switched on, devices connecting to your Wi-Fi system). You can check if you are expecting this person to be there & if you are not take steps accordingly.

Smart Home Installation: Cabling & Network

Being essentially an electrical system, Smart Homes need cabling and a network provision. If you are considering a Smart Home it is always beneficial to do this as early in the process as possible to ensure the infrastructure is designed and installed at the correct phase of your project. This might make the prospect of a home technology installation seem slightly daunting, but it really needn’t be. It is no different to getting an electrician in to put cables in place for a new light or socket. At Circle Automation we are expert smart home installers. Our smart home installers are skilled engineers, from designers, to electricians to AV engineers and system programmers.

What to look for in a smart home installer

There are many companies who offer home automation, so how do you choose the right smart home installer to work with? Our first piece of advice is that you like and trust the person you have spoken to.  Your first instincts are usually correct, so if you get a bad feeling then don’t go ahead.  Once you have found an installer that you like it is important to check a few other things.  Are they members of Cedia? Cedia is the international trade association for companies who design, manufacture, and install home technologies and professional smart home installers will have membership.  Ask your smart home installer if they will carry out testing on their cabling.  Whilst it is a requirement for electrical circuits to be tested, there is no legislation on data cabling. However it is essential for the whole of your system to be tested, so make sure whoever you employ has the skill set to carry this out.

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