Restaurant Audio

Tunbridge Wells


To install background music and discreet televisions to the dining, bar and private function areas.


  • Artcoustic Speakers
  • Apple iPad
  • Sonos Connect
  • Bose Freespace 52 external speakers


Set in the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells with stunning views across the Kentish Countryside, The Beacon Garden Kitchen opened its doors to the public in the spring of 2015.  During the extensive refurbishment, the new owners employed Circle Automation to come up with several ideas for background music and a few discreet TVs for sporting & corporate events.  Making use of Artcoustic speakers, sound comes from discreetly mounted loudspeakers colour matched to the finish of the Farrow & Ball paint.  Having a music system that is fully controllable from several apple devices allows the team to control the audio in each of the zones separately, from the external speakers on the terrace through to the private dining areas.  All areas can be linked together playing the same music, or zoned off individually.

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