Media Room



Working within a family room with an open plan connection to the kitchen, the main objective was to sympathetically install a Dolby Atmos cinema, that could be completely hidden away from view when not in use. The brief was demanding due to the set out and nature of the room.


  • JVC projector
  • Monitor Audio Speakers
  • Oppo Blu-Ray Player
  • Automated drop down projection screen
  • RTI Control
  • Bespoke joinery cabinet for speakers & equipment



The design process started early on in the project. Working with the design team Circle Automation drafted up several room options for the client to choose from. They were keen to retain the relaxed atmosphere of a typical snug/family room without any technology on display…

With the press of a single button the window blinds lower, the roof lantern shades cast the room into darkness, the projector drops from its housing and the automated screen elegantly glides down from the hidden recess in the ceiling, the hidden speakers fire into life as the film starts. The cleverly designed cabinet at the front of the room not only holds all of the typical equipment you would usually see littered under the TV, it also hides 3 front channel speakers carefully recessed into a timber framework at a specific angle, along with 2 sub-woofers providing the lower frequency sounds directly to the listener to provide the best experience. Simply pressing the off button at the end of the film hides everything away, the blinds open and the lights gently start to rise back up to normal brightness.

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