Media Room

Marylebone, London


To design and install a media room and home automation system in this stylish London home. One of the key aims was to create a projection based home cinema with the largest possible screen. The client required a home control system that was simple and intuitive to use.



Due to the room’s high ceilings and the ‘L’ shape, several designs were presented to the client to help them understand and choose how the room could best be used.

The main part of the room was dedicated to the home cinema, with an incredible 160” projection screen. The remaining part of the room was designed with bespoke joinery to house the client’s personal music collection and HiFi. Joinery for the front of the cinema was designed and installed by our team to house the amplification, blu-ray player and Artcoustic subwoofer.

Careful design of the system was paramount to the performance of the sound within the room. The Artcoustic system consists of 3 front channel speakers located behind the acoustically transparent screen; two rear channel speakers and a bass speaker for the lower frequencies which was housed within the joinery. Although this room is slightly unusual in its shape and layout, the end result looks amazing and the sound and picture are equally as impressive – sometimes quirky spaces turn out the best as they offer a different experience to the usual expectation.

A Savant home control system was installed to allow the client simple control of the system through a dedicated remote and app.

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