Lighting Control

City of Westminster, London
Lighting Control

Oceanic House was once the headquarters of the White Star Line shipping company. Founded in 1845 the line operated a fleet of clipper ships sailing between Britain and Australia. Most notably it was the company behind the RMS Titanic. Oceanic House is located in central London on Cockspur Street. The building is therefore not just steeped in history, it also commands one of the most desirable and exclusive locations in the world.

In 2015 works commenced to transform Oceanic House into six luxury apartments and one duplex penthouse. Circle Automation was invited to tender for the lighting control and first fix home automation cabling, and the associated landlord services at Oceanic House.


Lighting Control

Following the tender process, Circle Automation were appointed by the mechanical & electrical sub contractor to complete the above works.

Circle were tasked with developing the M&E consultants initial design for the apartment cabling infrastructure to support any services that the new tenants would require when moving in.  From draft Contractors proposal through to final design of the systems, Circle Automation designed and subsequently installed the system making use of their in house design and installation team.

The original lighting control proposal included 0-10V dimming via a Lutron lighting control system. due to the amount of lighting circuits within each of the properties, and the subsequent space requirement for the dimming equipment, Circle proposed an alternative method of dimming control via DALI protocol. This method reduced the amount of space required in each of the apartments for lighting control equipment.

Each apartment’s lighting control panel was built off site, working from our own panel drawings each panel was built and wired in our workshop before being shipped to site for installation and commissioning.

As part of the contracted works, Circle also wired & second fixed all lighting circuits. With some of the apartments having in excess of 300 lights it was essential that the correct fittings were installed in the right locations. With a carefully designed lighting design by DPA many of the fittings looked similar but with different beam angles and diffusers. All of the light fittings were assembled with drivers and click plugs, labelled for a specific apartment, room and location to make on site installation a simple and quick process.

The apartments were finally commissioned with basic scene control making use of the Lutron keypads with bespoke Focus SB finishing and PIR’s for occupancy sensing. The lighting control is now ready for tenants to move in and create unique lighting scenes specifically tailored to their needs & requirements.

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