Outdoor TV

This private home in Kent has had an Aqualite 55″ outdoor TV installed in the beautifully landscaped gardens.

Outdoor TV Mounting

The TV has been installed by Circle Automation in a covered patio area with external sofa seating next to the swimming pool.  With the limiting factor of having no walls to hang the TV on, we opted for a Future Automation TV Floor Mount.  The mount is anchored into the paving to ensure the TV will remain secure in windy weather.  Surround sound is provided through the use of Sonance Sonarry outdoor speakers.


With the obvious consideration of weather conditions, the TV has integrated weatherproof speakers as well as fully waterproofed cables and connections.

The TV is also IP66 rated. The gardeners at this property often use high pressure jet washing equipment to maintain the stone surfaces. The IP66 rating therefore ensures that the TV is fit for the demands of outdoor use.


The TV is controlled via a Savant home automation system.  The control is via a Savant remote or use of the Savant app on a smart phone/tablet.

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If you would like to discuss installing an outdoor TV at your property please get in touch with us today on 01732 458748 or via info@circleautomation.co.uk