Tomasz Wiechowski

Lead Programmer

I started an apprenticeship as an IT support engineer at the age of 19 in my family town in Poland. The knowledge I gained from this experience allowed me to progress to a Network Administrator, and a few years later I became a System Administrator where part of my duty was taking care of a private data centre in London.

My move to the Home Automation industry in 2012 was a bit of an accident, one of my friends asked me to help with the network design for one of his projects.  A few projects later and I had found my love of the industry, focusing only on Home Technology and becoming a Technical Manager.

Thanks to my IT experience, I have a clear understanding of many of the issues related with home technology installations, as the very core of these systems are based on the same technology widely used within IT. To ensure the client experience is as good as it can be I simply strive to meet their expectations. It can be challenging to overcome some of the complex programming issues that arise in extensive systems, but it is thanks to this that I find new solutions and am forever expanding my skill set and knowledge. It is part of my role to make the customer and the rest of the team at Circle Automation aware of new solutions and applications that will fully meet and exceed expectations.

In my spare time I like listening to music, swimming and travelling.

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