Marc Duque Martinez

Electrical Engineer


I started my career in Spain by studying for 2 years for an electro mechanic course whilst I was working as a labourer in the mornings. I then started as an apprentice for a small company who needed to bring someone up-to-speed quickly and efficiently as the market in Spain was very busy back then.

Within a year I was installing houses and managing three more workers, so I improved and grew very quickly within the industry. After 7 years in the company, the recession hit and we had to close. This is when I decided to move to England to learn to speak English and explore a new country, bringing me to Circle Automation.

I like a lot of different things in the AV industry, it’s a whole new world that has opened for me and I am always amazed to learn about new equipment and devices. A house controlled by a system that compounds audio, video, data, blinds, heating, lighting, etc.. it’s incredible what we can do, and the things that are still to come.

I like to play football (and watch it). As a Barcelona supporter I am quite happy with the scores, so I cannot complain much. I also love to watch movies and TV series at home but I don’t have much time for this as I am always busy doing things – I wish the days had 30 hours.

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