Media Room Design


We were given free-rein to design a simple, yet aesthetically pleasing multi-purpose entertainment space including an AV and control system. On top of this were also instructed to design the furniture for the AV equipment and sports table storage.


Firstly room measurements were taken and an equipment list was created; this list included an AVR, Sonos media player, Oppo Blu-ray player, Savant HC-250 controller, a Sky+HD box, a Sony 4K Television and a 5.1 speaker system utilizing a Leon HZ33 L/C/R sound bar, two Artcoustic Modular SL satellite speakers for surround and a Monitor Audio Bronze W10 floor-standing active sub woofer. The network needed to be extended to the cupboard, so a cable was run directly from the network router to connect to a switch behind the equipment for an uncompromising network connection for all devices.

The next step was to create a cable schedule, this is so there is a reference for cable numbers and types, and makes the install a much more efficient process.

Oldwalls Media Room TV Straight Shot Emirates


Once I had a solid understanding of the system, the space in which it was to be installed, and the design features we were going for, I made a few hand sketches before creating a 3D design of the room utilizing Google Sketchup. The main feature of the room was to be the TV & sound bar combo with the AV cupboard below it; this feature wall becomes the centre of focus by using a dark grey paint on the wall and a much lighter, almost white paint, on each of the other walls. To add to the aesthetic features we designed three down lights aimed towards the wall into the install, one in the centre of the television and two evenly spaced either side for symmetry.

Using the room measurements taken earlier, and the equipment dimensions, I then designed a piece of furniture that would contain the AV equipment including the sub woofer (it is vital for this stage of the design for the dimensions to be correct). Due to limitations with the space, the AV cupboard would have to be no deeper than 450mm at the edges, but to fit in the AV equipment I needed a minimum of 550mm so I decided upon building out the centre section, curving edges for a smooth finish. Colour wise, I used the same off white as the walls around the room to provide a two tone theme.

The next piece of furniture up for design was a cupboard in which the ping-pong table would hide when it was not currently in use. The opening needed to be large enough to wheel out the table with ease, and it would have an automated blind concealing the contents. The colour of this furniture matches the colour of the TV wall to continue the colour scheme.


Finally, I developed a number of high quality rendered images of the 3D design to provide the client with a very detailed image of the finished product before any of the work has taken place.

The final renders are here for you to see, along with an AV schematic drawing for the media room.

Oldwalls Media Room Ping Pong Cupboard Closed Shot

Mike Quinn | AV System Designer