Circle Automation – Kent Based Nest Installer

I’m sure you’ve heard an advert for one of the Smart Thermostat and the freedom they offer in controlling your home environment remotely. We’re a big fan of these little devices at Circle Automation and are registered installers of Nest products.

Far from being limited to just your heating control however, Nest have a range of devices that integrate with your Smart Phone for remote control. There’s a Smoke & Carbon Monoxide alarm (with a handy little light sensor that picks you up and provides some soft light if you walk past it at night – great if you’re fumbling along the wall to find the bathroom), and a Security Camera.

Nest Thermostat:

Nest Thermostat

Most thermostats are programmable. You enter every temperature change that you want throughout the day or choose a start and stop time. It’s annoying and complicated. And this is where a Nest Learning Thermostat comes in – there is no need for programming. Just turn the Nest Thermostat up and down for the first few days after it’s been installed. It will get to know the temperatures that you like and when you like them. Then it programs itself. It even turns itself down when you’re away so that you’re not heating an empty home. The Nest Thermostat also learns about your home and figures out how it heats or cools, because no two homes are exactly the same. And it considers the outside weather conditions.

Smoke & CO Alarm

Nest Smoke AlarmThe new Nest Protect has an industrial-grade smoke sensor, tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade. It’s also the first home alarm you can silence from your phone without any extra hardware required (if you’ve burnt the toast for example). And just like other Nest products it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone. The Nest Alarm doesn’t just pick up smoke; it also senses levels of Carbon Monoxide, alerting you if they become too high. The night light is another handy little feature, it usually has its light turned off, but when you walk underneath it, Pathlight can light your way.


Nest Camera

The Nest Cam helps you stay connected to what matters to you. It looks for motion and listens for sound. And if something’s up, it sends an alert to your mobile. Our clients use the Nest Cam in many different ways, traditionally as a home security tool, but also as a baby monitor, and also as a way of keeping an eye on pets when they are home alone. See what the Nest Cam has to offer below:

See your home in HD.

Securely stream 1080p HD video to your mobile, tablet or laptop.

No light? No problem.

Stay connected to what’s important around the clock. With Night Vision, you can see in the dark.

Bank-level security.

Your home – and video – should be private. So Nest Cam uses security with 128-bit SSL encryption.

How does it work?

You get alerts on your mobile – Nest Cam tells you if there’s motion or sound in your home while you’re away.

Talk and listen.

Hear when the baby wakes up. Or tell your dog to get off the sofa.

Zoom and enhance.

See the whole room at once, or zoom in to see something up close with Nest Cam’s 8x digital zoom.