Whether on disc or as a digital download from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, Kaleidescape brings together all your movies in a visually stunning library making it simple to access and enjoy movies.  You can view your movies in different formats, but the cover art option is by far the most visually impressive, filling the screen with high resolution art for each title. When you pause on a selection a small synopsis of the movie appears. If you wait a moment longer the system automatically brings similar titles together. For instance, pause on a Bourne movie, and it will draw other Bourne movies around it along with any other spy thrillers. Pause on an animated title, and the screen fills with other kid-friendly content. If you have a large collection, this is a brilliant way to rediscover movies that you might have forgotten you owned or haven’t seen in a while.  When you’re in the mood for something new, the Kaleidescape Store offers thousands of titles—with new movies available in Blu-ray quality often weeks before they become available on Blu-ray disc.


Kaleidescape gives you the freedom to enjoy movies from a variety of sources. Whether purchased on disc, downloaded from the Kaleidescape Movie Store, or a third party UltraViolet™ retailer, Kaleidescape supports all formats and brings them together in a single library. It even preserves your investment in DVDs by letting you upgrade them to Blu-ray quality digital downloads thanks to UltraViolet.


In our opinion, this is one of our favourite movie viewing platforms, the clever control and search functionality and quality of visual and audio elements makes it a must for home cinema or media room installations.  If you want to hear a bit more about the most recent Kaleidescape products (in American) watch the above review from the Cedia 2015 Exop.


There are several different Kaleidescape systems to choose from, so if you’re bored this bank holiday weekend and struggling to find the movie that you want to watch give us a call and find out what the best system is for you!

premiere M300 player

Kaleidescape Cover Art

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