It’s all about the content

What you really want from your home entertainment system

At Circle Automation we are passionate about installing exceptional home cinema and media rooms.  Every installation that we complete is fully designed and planned. Thus ensuring internet connectivity, speaker quality, positioning and amplification and screen resolution are correct for each individual room.

But whilst all of that is really important to us, what our customers really care about is the content that is available to them on their home entertainment system.  It’s all very well having high end speakers and screens, calibrated and positioned perfectly, but if you can’t find anything to watch you’re going to be annoyed.  After all, it’s all about sitting down with friends and family to enjoy something you have been looking forward to watching.

Fortunately there are many sources of content out there to ensure our systems deliver what our client’s want – great, relevant content, instantly at their fingertips! Below are a few examples of what devices and media sources we commonly set-up and install for our clients.


Kaleidescape is the only source that offers true 4K HDR content downloaded directly to your home. A movie experience like no other. The online store has access to 1000’s of films ready to download onto your own personal movie server. Kaleidescape also fully supports Dolby Atmos.

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Apple TV

Apple TV offers a great selection of films and TV services ready to stream in HD directly to your TV. With the development of multiple Apps for viewing television content, you can choose precisely what and when you want to watch content. Apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix and NOW TV give you access to everything that entertains you. From blockbuster films and TV programmes to breaking news and weather, its all in an app. Apple TV simplifies all of these apps. It’s designed to easily navigate and, most importantly, fully enjoy this new world of video apps.

Apple TV

4K Blu-Ray Player

4K Blu-ray players are becoming ever more popular due to the increased size of films in 4K. With many clients being limited by the incoming speed of their internet connection a Blu-ray is still top of the list. As with Kaleidescape it offers clarity and sound that is not available through on demand and streaming services. Our clients often still want that physical copy of a disk to make the movie experience more tangible. With a 4K Blu-ray player this option is still open to all.

 Home Cinema Installation London

Streaming Services

Using online streaming devices such as Roku or your TVs in built Smart hub gives you access to an ever increasing amount of content. From channel streaming services from the likes of BBC, ITV and Channel 4.  In addition, most streaming devices enable you to watch content through on-line services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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