The Home Network

Home Network – wired and wireless

A home network is not just a nice to have feature, it is a real necessity for any Smart Home. Circle Automation undertake home technology projects from as little as £2,000 all the way up to £500,000 and the single most important part of any project is always the network. Smart Home technology and the performance of AV equipment is only ever as good as the network they run on.

Why should I invest?

However, it probably comes as no surprise that we come up against the question of ‘why should I invest in a home network when I can’t see, touch or hear it?’ so often. Home networks are often hidden away in a cupboard or equipment rack, constantly working, ensuring that every person in the home has access to their emails, video & other services. The very fact that we ensure this equipment isn’t seen or heard is part of the beauty of our installations. When all of a sudden connectivity is lost and nothing seems to work as you thought it would – you start to think about your home technology system and the network that it runs from…

Backbone of Smart Homes

The network is the backbone of your Smart Home, and that’s exactly why it matters. We never want our Clients to worry or even think about the network. Devices get added to networks on almost a weekly basis, more and more services rely on the cloud, and thus the more important your home network becomes. We have all felt the frustration of slow download speeds, glitchy video streaming and intermittent Wi-Fi, or sometimes your connected devices just don’t seem to work. When this happens it is likely that you are experiencing a network breakdown. And, most of us would turn directly to the device or the installed system to blame. But often the issue lies in the home network, not the device.

This might sound like a big problem, but fortunately with a proper network installed by Circle Automation this can be overcome. It’s the first link in the chain and the most important. An enterprise network is the secret ingredient!

High Performance Home Networks

Our job as an integration & technology company is to build high performance systems, and this includes the network. The equipment we specify has faster CPUs and more memory to process more streams of information. We include equipment that incorporates network traffic management and prioritisation of services. Networks should include gigabit speed Ethernet connections and also fibre optic ports to keep up with increasingly high speeds from the ISPs. With all of this fast technology it is important that cooling is considered, making sure that nothing is running too hot; letting equipment run at optimum temperature will ensure it has a long life span; overheated equipment has a real tendency to stop working!

A different network for every client

All systems are different. Each of our Clients will have a different priority. None of our home networks are exactly the same; they all have different devices running on them. Unlike the cheap consumer grade goods, our networks give you full control and allow the network to be configured to your priorities & expectations. Our networks can be changed, updated and adapted to suit your needs over your system’s life time.

Our networks are designed to be expanded upon and grow as new devices or technologies are added.

Home Network Schematic


And, for all of this to work, reliability is key. Mass market home network products are designed around low manufacturing tolerances, with little regard for heat dissipation and restricted performance. Usually there will be little configurability in any of the units, and with the recent news of cyber attacks are these products really as good value as they first seem?

Our home network equipment is based on high grade components that are manufactured to a higher standard. They are designed to be left running for long periods of time, with little or no input from us. They provide firmware updates and send messages to us when something isn’t working as it should be. Enabling us to act on issues, often before you have even realised they are there.

Expert Engineers

Our engineers are fully trained and certified to work with these products. We have full back up from the manufacturer and great support from them too. When was the last time you tried contacting a call centre for a piece of mass produced technology? The experience probably wasn’t a pleasurable one and often calls take well over an hour to get to the bottom of the problem.

Manufacturers provide us with back up and support through a fully trained and engaged tech support. They work closely with engineers to optimise the products we use, and work alongside other manufacturers to ensure all connected devices work well together, saving you the hassle of figuring it out yourself or over the phone to a call centre.

In Conclusion

Yes, professional network equipment is a bigger upfront cost, compared to consumer grade equipment. So it needs to offer more! Which is exactly what it does; it offers better value over the system’s lifetime, overall a lower total cost of ownership and most importantly it is more reliable and lasts longer. Ultimately providing you with a better, more enjoyable experience of your Smart Home.  Contact Us for more advice on home networks and Smart Homes.