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Home Cinema Installation

Home cinema and media rooms enable you to experience films as they should be. We believe that watching a film in your own cinema is an occasion for all the family to enjoy. And the reality is you’re likely to get more use out of a home cinema than a swimming pool or tennis court! Home cinema and media rooms can be designed and built in spaces measuring just 3×3 meters.  So if you love that cinematic experience the chances are there is a space in your home that we can design and complete a home cinema installation for.

media room installation in Kent

Home Cinema v. Media Rooms

If a reference level cinema isn’t quite what you’re looking for, our entertainment solutions include media rooms. Media Rooms often have a dual purpose, allowing you to get the best of both worlds. We have a wide selection of speakers, from totally invisible ones to ones that masquerade as pieces of art.  You can choose from televisions housed in joinery with our CA Media Wall to ones hidden in mirrors, or opt for a projector and screen.

grey media wall


Visual Aesthetics

A home cinema installation does not just have to be about the technology alone.  A well designed system takes comfort, functionality and looks into account.  We can design and install bespoke joinery to house the equipment rack, as well as cinema seating for comfort and fun.  With D-BOX immersive cinematic motion; D-BOX co-exists with audio and video from your film to send motion to your seats and really make you feel part of the action. Our recent home cinema installation in a stunning Kent home provides some fantastic ideas for visual aesthetics.

home cinema installation

Control of your home cinema installation

Just as in a smart home, the control system behind home cinema and media rooms helps add to the fun and overall experience. We design control systems that automate blinds to drop down and lights turn off when you watch a movie. Lights can be automated to rise to a dim level when you hit pause.  Storing your films on a media server is another great way to enhance your home cinema experience. Using Kaleidescape to store your films, brings then together in a stunning library making them beautifully simple to access. When you’re in the mood for something new, the Kaleidescape Movie Store offers thousands of titles—with new movies available in Blu-ray quality often weeks before they become available on Blu-ray disc.

Savant Remote


For a beautiful home cinema installation we always advise coupling this with lighting design and control. Lighting is an essential element to set the atmosphere and immerse yourself in the full cinematic experience. We are experts in lighting design, creating subtle lighting to highlight features in a media room whilst ensuring the correct light level for optimum picture quality. We can create the right scene for whatever function you are using the room for, whether that be for watching a film or playing on your favourite games console.

Hidden Features

If you want your home cinema or media room installation to be subtle, we can hide the equipment for you.  From plaster-in speakers to ones that look like a piece of art there is a solution for every requirement.  Projectors and screens can be housed in automated lifts that drop down from the ceiling when you want to watch a film.  Media devices can be stored remotely in a centralised equipment rack in a cupboard or plant room.

automated projector lift

The Design Process

Designing a home cinema is a complex process. Our skilled engineers design each of our home cinemas to ensure both picture and sound quality are equally incredible.  We use specialist software and formulas to calculate the best viewing position and speaker locations.  We also consider how to apply the correct acoustic treatment to a room.  All of this means you get an amazing installation without the stress of trying to work it out yourself.  Undertaking installation design to the highest industry standards ensures that cables are included at the earliest possible stage of your project and eliminates the need for retrospectively adding the required infrastructure.

Home Cinema Installation Design


To help you visualise what your cinema will look like we create 3D renders and videos of our proposals. At this stage we can work with different layouts until we have a design that you love.


We have completed many home cinema installations, if you would like to get some ideas for your own installation please visit our case study page.

Where we work

With our workshop in Sevenoaks, Kent we are ideally situated for London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the Home Counties.  If you would like to find out more or visit one of our show cinemas please get in touch today by calling us on 01732 458748 or emailing info@circleautomation.co.uk.


Accredited Engineers

At Circle Automation our home cinema installations are completed to the highest engineering standards. All of our Engineers are registered with The Institution of Engineering and Technology. This ensures that everyone is passionate about engineering and expanding their knowledge in the field.  At Circle Automation we are Cedia Members. Cedia are the international trade association for companies who design, manufacture, and install home technology for the home.  We are also ISO 9001 Certified, something we are very proud of! This certification helps to set us apart from our competitors. It offers clients the assurance that we are a professional company, committed to quality in all we do. We have also been awarded the Best of Houzz award for customer service, giving you further reassurance that Circle Automation are the ideal partner for your home cinema installation.


Home cinema installation in London
Home cinema installation in London