Automated Blinds & Curtains

The importance of window treatments

Windows are an integral feature in architectural design, the lighting of spaces and in the impact of interior design. Indeed every house has windows. Dressing these windows should therefore be an important element of any home project.  The great news is that there is so much you can do with window treatments to complement varying architectural styles and personal tastes, as well as practical considerations. Installing automated blinds and curtains is a fantastic way to add the wow factor to your home.

Automated Blinds in Dining Room

Home Automation

A home automation system enables you to raise blinds & draw curtains at the touch of a button.  Control is from a wall mounted keypad, remote  control or a simple app on your smart device.  A range of programming options can be set to carry out blind/curtain functions:

  • When you turn your entertainment system on to watch a film the curtains automatically draw
  • If room temperature increases during a hot summer’s day the blinds automatically lower
  • In the morning the blind are set to automatically rise when your alarm goes off
  • When you head upstairs to bed, press the button on the keypad and all the bedroom blinds lower, saving you time going from room to room.
A recent automated blind project in London:

Automated Blinds and Curtain Project

In this recent Kent based project completed by Circle Automation and SGS Interior Design, automated blinds were installed into recesses in the main living areas to keep the rooms as light and open as possible.  To provide the client with privacy without restricting views a technical screen fabric was selected.  This fabric allows you to see out during the day, but people on the outside cannot see in.

Roman blinds were installed throughout the property.  To make a statement in the room, many of the blinds had border details, drawing out accent colours . To maximise light and not block the unique window arrangement in the Guest Bedroom, a shaped Silent Gliss track was installed.  Thus allowing the curtains to be neatly stacked to the side of the windows.  A unique leading edge border was added to the curtains as a design feature and to frame the windows.

 Automated Blinds
Discuss Your Project

Circle Automation are experts in automated blind and curtain installation. Please contact us on 01732 458748 or to discuss your plans or book an appointment with a consultant. Our showroom is based in Sevenoaks, Kent and we would be delighted for you to pop in and see our automated blinds in action.  We cover installations across Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey and the Home Counties.

Find out how you can create a smart home

To help you decide what you want to achieve with your new smart home, including an upfront cost and no surprises we have designed a fantastic smart home package.  Designed using knowledge from years of experience within the home technology and smart home industry the package includes everything you will need. All of the essential and most loved elements are included, then you simply add on extras to customise your system. Additions include media rooms, home cinema, outdoor Wi-Fi and music and heating integration. Find out more about the services we offer here.

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